Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr. Shi’s specialty is Chinese Herbs Supplement. She has been practicing formulating herb recipes according to each patient’s individual needs for the past 20 years. For some patients Dr. Shi combines the use of acupuncture treatment along with tailored herb formulas to generate the most effective cure.



Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine consists of 5,767 substances derived from plant, mineral…etc sources. Thousands of years of human trials have brought about the evolution of a most incredibly sophisticated system of diagnosis and treatment using herbal medicine. This has been and continues to be the predominate treatment of traditional Chinese Herbal in China. Herbs may be prescribed to enhance the benefits of acupuncture or they may be used as sole treatment. Herbalists will combine herbs to be tailored to an individual’s unique constitution and specific complaint. As the person’s health improves and the imbalance changes, the herbal formula is modified to bring and maintain the proper balance


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